Castle Gnome

An all- German Monument in Berlin's Virtual Reality

imagen enano

Stefan Roloff’s comment:

"I understand your question this way that there are people in Germany who wish that I mobilize Berlin’s construction workers to erect a 50 Meter high garden gnome. I am not informed about any such intent. Our capital’s construction crews are mostly busy with housing construction, their manpower is fully deployed for that. Nobody intends to construct a garden gnome on Berlin’s Castle Square."

Historical Background:

The city castle, a baroque building, was finished by Andreas Schlüter in 1699. In World War II, it was severely damaged. In 1950, Walter Ulbricht had it torn down as a symbol of Prussian absolutism. From 1973 to 1976, the GDR constructed the Palace of the Republic on the same land. After extensive asbestos decontamination, the German government completed demolition in 2008. In 2012 the "re- construction" of the new city palace will commence, with a budget estimated at 500 million Euros.

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